Terra Menu

Valencian salad frosting thaw Carrot mead and pomfret roe

Entomacat made with red preserved tomatoes and green tomatoes in brine

Rose of tuna loin matured in salt tunnel for 25 days

Thin corn coca (traditional pastry from the Eastern coast of Spain) withprawns and monkfish liver

Baby cuttlefish with Hollandaise sauce and garlic mayonnaise

Denia red prawn and its consommé

Albufera eel pie


Potato, ham cream and egg yolk

Calpe white prawn gazpacho with cockles and sea urchin

Shrimps from Santa Pola with marcona almond cream

Moraira fish, mussels and suquet beurre blanc


Mellow rice with octopus and anemones

Veal; leg-chop-marrow-liver and gizzard


Parsnip, vanilla and tiger nut horchata

Fondillón wine, carob and yeast

Herberet, pastisset, chocolate, orange

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